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Tanya Genito

I am a Psychotherapist and Accredited Mental Health Social Worker currently based in https://totalwellnesstherapies.com.au at 68/283 Given Tce Paddington Qld. I trained at the University of Queensland, graduating in 2001. Since graduation I have over 20 years experience providing counselling, psychology strategies and psychotherapy. I have also worked in the drug and alcohol, housing, community/youth and education sector’s for over more than 20 years.

My philosophy is I value difference, honesty, integrity, finding your own path, standing out from the crowd, connection and relationship. I strongly believe people can be empowered to find their own answers. I know I am not a fixer, and I don’t have all the answers although I might have a suggestion or two. I can sit with you in your chaos, tolerate stuckness and I am not afraid of being afraid and can walk into the dark places with you.

My areas of specialisation is working with adults who have experienced relational trauma in their lives. I also have a breadth of experience working with issues such as grief and loss, anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, substance abuse and anger management. I am also very passionate about and trained to level 3 Gottman Method Relationship Counselling. I work with traditional couples as well as non traditional, ENM and Poly and Kink relationships. I also have a passion and a long history of providing professional supervision for other professionals especially with social workers, counsellors, youth workers and community workers.

My private practice and community work overall aim is the same – to explore ways of creating a more equitable and safe spaces for us all. I am particularly interested in the ways we make meaning in our lives and to harness our own inner strength to create social change and wellness for ourselves and others.

I use an integrated approach to match your individual and unique needs, drawing on techniques used in motor-sensori, CBT, mindfulness, Internal Family Systems (inner child) and neuro-psychotherapy. Tanya’s practice framework draws on relationship, humanistic and strength based perspectives. Tanya is registered provider with the AASW and Medicare and accepts MHCP.


All professional services are treated with the strictest confidence and the details of my policy on confidentiality can be found in the Client Consent Form. As a professional Accredited Mental Health therapist I adhere to the Policies and Code of Ethics of the AASW. The AASW Code of Ethics can be viewed at http://www.aasw.asn.au A policy on confidentiality and privacy of information is included in the Client Consent Form and is provided to all clients prior to the first session. All clients are required to sign this which outlines the confidentiality policy.