Individual Psychotherapy and Counselling

Tanya works from a integrated approach to psychotherapy and counseling, individually tailoring the best evidence based therapies that match your unique needs. Tanya basis her approach and interventions on a trauma informed, interpersonal neuro-psychology perspective. We listen to your story where we offer a safe and elegant environment in which you can explore the issues that are most important to you.

  • Individual Counselling and Psychotherapy for:
    Post traumatic stress disorder
    Relationship issues
    Grief and Loss
    Life transitions and adjustments
    Goals setting
    Career change
    Childhood or Relational Trauma
    Anger management
    Unlocking potential
    Emotional and personal development

We will go at the pace that is directed by you and focuses on the goals you think are most important to achieve.

Interventions utilised include EMDR, CBT, ACT, Internal Family Systems, Schema Therapy, Mindfulness based techniques, Somatic and Sensori Motor Therapy.

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